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Welcome to the Tatting Corner, the sister site to Zig-Zag Corner Quilts & Baskets!!!

We are so excited to offer this site dedicated to tatters everywhere. We have a wide range of tatting-related products such as tatting threads, laces and other fiber arts products.  Our large selection of tatting threads includes some discontinued and hard-to-find tatting threads in a large range of sizes that we have purchased. Supplies of discontinued or hard-to-find tatting threads will be limited so our stock will vary from day to day.

Tatting threads are not just for Tatting, but are equally at home with bobbin work, crochet, knitting, bobbin lace as well as embellishments for quilts and much more.

Our goal at the Tatting Corner is to build a large selection of tatting supplies. Among items we carry: Tatting books, tatting shuttles, tatting needles, Handy Hands tatting, tatting kits, tatting thread including premium and popular tatting threads such as Altin Basak, Oren Bayan, Lizbeth, DMC Cordonnet, DMC Metallic Embroidery, DMC Pearl, DMC Traditions, Flora, Olympus, Majestic and hard-to-find imported threads such as Cebelia, Fincrochet, Freccia, Hakelgarn, Kreinik Metalics, Omega and YLI silks.

For those of you tatting special craft gifts, we have a large supply of satin eggs and satin balls in a variety of sizes and colors.

Best of all, Tatting Corner shipping is FREE for orders of $100 or more. For orders under $100, we charge a flat rate of $6.95 for domestic US shipments. Check out our online catalog for all your tatting supplies.


We are pleased to announce the winners of the $25 Holiday Gift Certificate Contest. The contest ran for 7 weeks with 1 winner drawn from each week's sales.

Robert Forman (New Jersey). Robert has been making string pictures since 1969 and has posted galleries of his work on his website, www.robertforman.net.

Mary Eusterbrock (Missouri). Mary has been quilting for about 40 years and embroiders her quilts for her children. She has also made Christmas stocking for them.

Wendy Laubach (Texas)

Sharon Fawns (Kentucky)

Wendy Shu (Singapore). Wendy loves using Lizbeth threads in her creations and she says she buys from the Tatting Corner because of the excellent sales service and help in keeping shipping costs low. Wendy has been tatting since 2006 after taking a class at a local craft store.

Liz Ellis (North Carolina). Liz says "I grew up living with my grandmother and had never heard of tatting. When I was14, I worked in a nursing home where I met a resident by the name of Marian who tatted. She explained that it was a lost art and not many people knew about it. She ultimately offered to give me unlimited lessons for $5.00. Many years later, I am still tatting..mostly around the holidays. :) 2 years ago, I discovered beaded tatting and the use of colors in new ways, making the lost art I learned 35 years ago fresh! Fortunately, it was around the same time that I discovered Tatting Corner allowing me to keep the renewed fire lit. Thank you for being there!"

Amy O'Malley (Minnesota). Amy says "I've been tatting about 20 years and I also make needle lace. I ordered from Tatting Corner because I have been working on a design for a tatted pumpkin and needed some orange and brown thread (I like the Lizbeth brand) and a few new shuttles because every shuttle I own must be attached to something in process because I couldn't find any free to use (how does that happen!), plus you had some new books that I did not have in my library. You had everything I was looking for in one place--a one stop shop! Thanks again!"


Congratulations to the winners of a $75 Gift Certificate!! We also wish to extend our appreciation to all the participants of the Show 'n Tell contest. All of the entries were so beautiful!

Chieng - Wearables Fowler - Decorations & Ornaments Koval - Doilies Fowler - Pillowcases Vitt - Miscellaneous
Glitter Scarf by Jeannie Chieng. Jeannie says it took 3 months to complete the scarf. It is made with metallic threads. Design is from the book "Tatting Lace". 3D Snowflake by Carole Fowler was made with Lizbeth White, Size 20. Design from Vida Sunderman's Tatted Snowflakes. "Corona" Centerpiece by Elena Koval. Elena states this piece was made for a Russian handicraft group "Project of the Year" contest. It is made of Lizbeth Size 80 Ecru and Autumn Spices and measures approx. 20 inches in diameter. Design from Ben Fikkert's "Floriade Masterpieces". Floral Edged Pillowcases by Carole Fowler was made with Lizbeth white, Size 20. Design by Orsolya Springer. Scottish Thistle Basket by Michelle Vitt made with multiple "(and very fun)" split chains!



Here is a link to a beautifully done video honoring fallen firefighters: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N5fFctrf4Q It was produced in Hamilton County.


Although the Tatting Corner continues to offer shipping to international addresses, there is now another choice. Bongo International offers international shoppers the convenience of a U.S. or E.U. address where their orders can be shipped and even combined with orders they have placed from other merchants in order to enjoy cheaper international shipping fees.

We are pleased to partner with Bongo International.

International Shipping Info



We thought it would be fun this summer to run a contest challenging tatters, knitters, crochetrs, quilters etc. to show us what they could do using Lizbeth's Size 3 Wildflower thread (#109) and then let viewers cast their vote for their favorite. And yes the best part of a challenge is you don't get to choose your own color: it is a color that is usually outside of your comfort zone etc. The entry receiving the most votes would then receive a $50 gift certificate and a Lizbeth Ball holder.

Unfortunately, we only received four entries so we are declaring them all winners! The entries are beautiful and demonstrate just how talented these ladies are. Our congratulations to Tamie Alliss, Ginny Bishop, Esther Paris and Karen Wattai! Thank you for participating in our challenge and making this a fun event.

Tamie Allis
Ginny Bishop
Karen Wattai
Esther Paris
Winner: Tamie Alliss
Project: Tatted Hat with flower from 'Christmas Angels' by Monica Hann
Winner: Ginny Bishop
Project: Tatted headband with beads and elastic. Original design.
Winner: Karen Wattai
Project: Tatted floral basket with buttons used for flower centers, stems wound with floral tape and silk leaves added. Original design.
Winner: Esther Paris
Project: Celtic Knot Drawstring Needlework Bag. Wildflower thread with sunny yellow thread added. Design is from 'Silhouettes in Cross Stitch' by Adele Welsby.



Tatting Corner on Facebook

It's okay. You can poke fun at us. We've resisted social media for a long time in spite of our webmaster's urging. We've now "taken the plunge and found out the water is okay."

We plan to use Facebook to connect with all of you, but also to share with you the projects we're working on, our take on new products coming in the door and many other things on our mind pertaining to tatting, lacemaking and other fibre arts! So, stay tuned and follow us on this adventure!

We'd love it if you would visit our Facebook page and Like us.

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Our store focuses on tatting, quilling and other fine hand arts and is open by appointment only. The store will also be open the 4th Saturday of the month for Tatting Guild. Please check this website for this and other events during which time we might be open.

UPCOMING EVENTS - Mark Your 2014 Calendar

March 6-8th Indiana Heritage Quilt Show - Bloomington Convention Center, Bloomington IN www.IHQS.org
March 15th - Circle City lacers Meeting 1:00pm Greenwood Library - Greenwood Indiana
April 4-6th - Finger Lakes Tatting Group "Little things mean a lot." 16th International Tatting Seminar Lodi Fire Company in Lodi, NY on Route 414. For more information e-mail: threads@empacc.net
May 31st - Love of Lace 2014 Livonia Civic Center Library, 32777 5 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI
July 25th & 26th - Shop 'til You Drop - One Stop Quilt Shop Hop!! Kokomo, Indiana
August 2nd-9th IOLI Convention in Sacramento CA
September 27th-28th Fringe Tatters - Tatting Days - Canada
November 6-7th - Zig-Zag Corner Quilts & Baskets LLC 14th Annual Tatting Days
November 29th - Shop Local Event

Meets 4th Saturday of every month except July, September and December. Schedule for 2014 is:

January 25
February 22
March 22
April 26
May 24
June 28
August 23
October 25
November 22

If you are traveling from a distance, please double-check with us just in case our schedule has changed. If you would like reminders about Guild, please send you e-mail address to sales@tattingcorner.com.


Tell Us About Your Event

APRIL 2014

Shuttlebirds 18th Annual Tatting Days & Workshop, Spokane Valley, WA
The theme for 2014 is "Tatting in Bloom." Join for two full days of tatting, April 25-26, 2014. Offerings include 5 class sessions, totaling 8.5 hours of instruction, a theme contest, two tat-off contests, vendors, and lots of good old fashioned fun. Registration opens in January 2014. Email shuttlebirds@yahoo.com or shuttlebirds.workshop@yahoo.com or visit www.shuttlebirds.com for more information.

MAY, 2014

Love of Lace XVIII May 31, 2014 Livonia, Michigan
Participate in "Lace In". Try lace making, demonstration of many types of lace making, vendors will be on site to purchase lace making supplies (Zig Zag Corner is one of the vendors). Contact information: tmjulien@aol.com or visit www.gllgi.org.

2013 TATTING DAY was held at the Tatting Corner October 24 - 26.

Click on any photo to enlarge. Another great year of food, fun and tatting!

Tatting Day 2013
Tatting Day 2013
Tatting Day 2013
Tatting Day 2013
Tatting Day 2013
Tatting Day 2013
Tatting Day 2013
Tatting Day 2013
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