Palmetto Tat Days 2020 Convention Kit #2

  • Model: PTG2020-KIT2


Size 20 thread only

1 ball of each of the following Lizbeth colors: 671 Christmas Red, 695 Bright Orange, 705 Bright Yellow, 713 Kelly Green, 704 Sky Blue Med., 707 Sky Blue Dk., 633 Purple Dk., 601 White, 184 Rainbow Splash, 665 Ocean Teal Dk., 669 Poppy Red.

1 ball LizMetallic in color 322 (Seafoam Green)

Samples of colors 611 Gold, 702 Coral Orange Med., 624 Raspberry Pink Med., 641 Lilac Dk., 665 Ocean Teal Dk., 679 Lime Green (for Kaye Judt’s Tat A Color Wheel)

Covers the following classes:

Eye Spy A Heart (Anita Barry)

Hidden Rose Snowflake Heart (Anita Barry)

Sunburst (Anita Barry)

Large Rainbow (Anitra Stone)

Rainbow Ice Drop (Arlene Medder)

Rainbow Candy Tree (Bonnie Swank)

All Reading Bookmark (Bonnie Swank)

Half Moon SR Edging (Erin Holloway-Mosley)

Beaded SR Bracelet (Erin Holloway-Mosley)

Ruby Slippers (Erin Holloway-Mosley)

Barefoot Sandal or Glove (Erin Holloway-Mosley)

Tat A Color Wheel (Kaye Judt)

Bell-Dimpled Rings (Martha Ess)

Block Tatting Rainbow (Martha Ess)

Dimpled Ring Doodles (Martha Ess)

Meg’s Petite Cross (Melissa Deputy)

America’s Heart (Mike Lyon)

Celtic Snowflake (Mike Lyon) (size 10 or 20 thread)

Leftover Thread Mitten (Paige Deputy) (size 10 or 20 thread)

Petite Beaded Snowflakes (Paige Deputy)

Rainbow Dangle (Pam Freck) (size 10 or 20 thread)

Dangle Earrings (Phyllis Schmidt)

Thumb Chatelaine (Sharon Fawns)

Rainbow Peacock (Shawna Wachs) (size 10 or 20 thread)


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