3-D Pixie (Carolyn Craig)

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The newest book from Carolyn Craig, continuing her stellar line of 3D books - 3-D Pixie.  Included in this book are two versions of the garden and forest pixie with one pattern - the Big Pixie, done with size 10 and 20 thread, and the Tiny Pixie, done with size 20 and 80 thread.  There's also a second pattern for a Snowflake Pixie which can also be done in either size 10 and 20 thread to make a big pixie, or size 20 and 80 thread to make a tiny pixie.  For the initial offering, the book will include one kit of beads for either a Big Pixie or a Tiny Pixie.  The kit will include either natural, coffee, or brown color wood beads for hands and head, seed beads for arms, and the crystal used for the body.  The kits are limited edition and once sold out, only the book will be available.  This book is a must for anyone who has admired the 3D Fairies, but wasn't comfortable working with size 80 thread. (3DPIXIE)

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