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Advanced Fancy Pants


This is an excellent book full of intermediate and advanced tatting lessons. One of my favorite sections is the Plotting a Path section that helps you to learn to convert a pattern that is written for separate rounds into a pattern that can be adapted to allow you to move from one round to the next round without having to cut and tie off the ends. There is even a handy chart so you can easily see whether to use a split ring, split chain, mock picot, etc to get from one round to the next round, depending on what your round ends with and what the next round starts with. Split rings, mignonette stitch, Split chain/bridge stitch method (knotless method by Dora Young), Josephine Rings, Victorian Sets, Pearl tatting, tatting with beads, padded tatting, Cluny, and block tatting are included. There are sampler projects to help you practice these various techniques and most of them include practice at moving from one round to the next without cutting and tying off. A nice glossary is included and heavy blank pages for making your own additional notes are included at the end.
Date Added: 02/27/2018 by Patricia N.