Helpful Information Regarding Your Order

Common Issues With Orders

Our checkout system will automatically send you a receipt upon successful completion of your purchase. If you did not receive an email receipt, please check your spam filter and be sure your inbox is set to receive email from

We typically fill orders within five business days unless there is a problem with your order or the order was placed during the weekend or during a holiday. In that case, your order is shipped the next business day.

Our standard policy is to ship your order via USPS Priority. Most U.S. and Canadian customers receive their order within 2 - 4 days. USPS Priority orders can be tracked in the event an order takes longer than expected to arrive.

1. You placed an order but did not receive an email receipt and your order has not yet arrived.

Usually when this situation occurs, we find that more often than not, the customer did not complete the checkout process. Items in your cart are probably still there. (Our system saves your cart if you are logged in and have not completed your purchase.)

To verify that you completed the checkout process, log into your account (click LOG IN in the upper right corner of the web page).

Once you are logged in, if the shopping cart icon in the upper right of the page says you have items in your cart, you did not finish placing your order. Click CHECKOUT to finishing placing your order. You can also add other items to your cart before checking out.

If the shopping cart icon shows 0 items and $0.00, then it is possible you added items to your cart but did not log in or create an account to finish the checkout process. Unfortunately, we are only able to associate the cart's contents with your account if you have logged in, which is the first step required in the checkout process. If you have not logged in or created an account with us, your cart's contents is lost once you leave our website and close your browser.

Sometimes a customer creates an account but misspells the email address. If the email address in our system is wrong, you will not receive an order confirmation. To fix this problem, send us an email using the contact us form and explain that you might have made an error with your email address. We'll investigate and let you know what we find.

We have experienced difficulties with a couple international countries. Please contact us and we will be happy to investigate. PLEASE NOTE: If you chose First Class shipping, we can verify when we shipped your order, but shipment tracking is not available with First Class shipping. Therefore we cannot help you beyond telling you when the order shipped. If you purchased shipping insurance and sufficient time has been allowed for delivery, you can file a claim with the USPS. We cannot resend your order when there is no tracking available.

2. One or more items in my order are wrong.

In the rare instance when a mistake is made with an order, we will quickly fix the problem. Please check our Policy for Returns for additional information before contacting us.

3. After receiving my order, I wish to return one or more items.

Of course ordering online comes with the risk of an item not meeting your expectation. We try our best to carry only quality items and to provide you with as much information as we can so you can make an informed decision. But occasionally, this happens. In this case, we ask that you review our Policy for Returns for additional information before contacting us.