A Party of Tatting Designs (Sosa)

  • Model: SOSA-02


An 8" x 10" book, 69 pages and 28 patterns, English text, with photos and diagrams full color of the complete "BD Motif" (Birthday Motifs) collection designed by Wally Sosa from 2002 until present 2019. This collection includes 28 original designs for snowflakes, ice drops,  photo frames and scrapbook embellishments.   The patterns are suitable for beginners up to advanced tatters and they can be worked with shuttle or needle (with just some adjustments). Some of the techniques covered in the book are: split ring, multiple styles of beading including beanile, multiple styles of picots, dimpled rings, TOR (thrown-off rings) and other basic techniques.  (SOSA-02)

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