Dreamlit Swirlz Shuttle - Pink Taffy

  • Model: SHH4806


Introducing the Dreamlit (TM) Shuttle from Handy Hands!  This shuttle is a posted bobbin shuttle.  The shuttle blades are held together with neodymium Grade N52 magnets and the post holds a removable bobbin!  When you want to switch colors, simply pull the blades apart, switch bobbins, and put the blades back together again.  The shuttle is the same size as the Moonlit (TM) series from Handy Hands (approximately 2.75" long excluding the hook and 0.75" wide), and features the handy crochet hook at the tip for easy joining.  Package comes with the shuttle pictured, two bobbins, and a bobbin winder/holder.  The Swirlz series shuttles have more than one color mixed together, creating a swirl effect. Therefore, no two shuttles will look the same. (SHH4806)

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