Tatting GR-8 Self Closing Mock Ring Design

  • Model: T325


By The Shuttle Brothers

Approx. 43 patterns; 72 pages. This is their second book. Now that you have learned how to do the SCMR from their first book this book is full of patterns. NOTE: The patterns work fine for needle tatters. Includes edgings, motifs, butterfly edging, and collar. (T325)

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Date Added: 11/20/2017 by Atheen W.
As I understand it, these authors are the original inventors of the technique of self-closing mock rings. In any event, they certainly know how to use it to carry variety and creativity to the max. They don’t just show you how to perform the mock ring, their patterns carry you through the thinking process that allows you to vary your own work. That’s the mark of a true teacher. It’s not about what you know, but how well you can potentiate your student’s ability to be productive in their own right. I must say, I’ve done traditional tatting for over 50 years now (I’m 70), and I’ve seen thousands of patterns, but these are truly lovely and innovative. They encouraged me to branch out a little in my practice of the art. Again, a sign of good educators. Of all of the patterns in the book, I liked the butterfly collar patterns and the almost crystal-like snowflakes the best.