Lizbeth Thread Twirlz Size 20 - (401) Candy Hearts

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The Lizbeth Twirlz thread is 100% Egyptian cotton, a 6-ply Cordonnet, which means two thread are twisted together, then three cords are twisted together for a 6-ply Cordonnet. Before the three cords are twisted together they are dyed three different colors, then twisted together, double mercerized, and gas singed. This gives the Lizeth Twirlz thread a unique look never seen in a 6-ply Cordonnet thread.

Twirlz balls are:
Size 10 = 25 grams, approx. 122 yds
Size 20 = 25 grams, approximately 210 yards.

Azalea med, pink med, poppy red(matches 620,6622,669)

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