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Brass Tatting Shuttle, Smooth, With Pick


If you are looking for a brass shuttle to add to your collection this would be a fine addition. But this is very much functional art. I love using this shuttle. So far I’ve only tatted with size 40 thread on this, but it holds more than I expected. And the pick is perfectly sharp for joining in vsp’s, but it hasn’t scratched or punctured my fingers. This very quickly became my favorite shuttle to use and I plan on getting a second one before too long. Don’t let the price deter you, quality tools deserve a quality price and this is worth every penny. It will become a cherished tool of your tatting trade that (with proper care) you will be proud to pass on someday. Until then, just think of all the beautiful things you’ll make with it.
Date Added: 04/24/2019 by Douglas H.